5/03/2013 12:18:00 PM

Required Reading: The Curious Case of the Dead Restaurateur

For two decades, Giacomo Ruggirello ran an unassuming Italian restaurant in a small strip mall in Highwood. It was a topic of conversation among locals, not because of the Italian fare, but because of the unsavory dealings of its owner. Seven months ago, the owner of Trattoria Giacomo was found dead in his Highland Park home. The home was burned to the ground, and it was rumored that Ruggirello's body of was found without a head or hands. Accusations of mob connections swirled given the circumstances of his death and his reputation for dealing with certain individuals.

It appeared that a series of events, prior to the fire, went down as follows. Just the night before Ruggirello’s home burned to the ground, a “friend” tinkered with the furnace. Ten days prior, Ruggirello changed his will, leaving his estate to a friend in Italy and not to his two daughters. To make matters even more bizarre, police connected the case to an attempted kidnapping and murder of suburban real estate mogul. And the FBI is involved. What on Earth is going on in Highland Park? Read the full story via the Chicago Tribune.


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