5/06/2013 11:32:00 AM

Rats Enjoy Pizza at Green Eggs Cafe

Photo: Instagram/jscullin
UPDATE: The restaurant is re-open for business after a total renovation and measure to prevent this from ever happening again. Read more about that here.

It wasn’t long ago that 13th Street was a seedy strip, populated by check-cashing shops, unsavory hotels and dingy laundromats (not to mention hookers). The unfortunate underground came spilling out into now-swanky Midtown Village this weekend, when a group of rats was spotted happily nibbling away at pizza at Green Eggs Cafe.

Several pics popped up last night on Twitter and Instagram showing the rodents running rampant over tables and chairs. The Locust street outpost of the bruncherie (which also has locations in Northern Liberties and East Passyunk) is especially popular with Philadelphia pro sports players.

What happened to cause the rat assault? The management took to Twitter to cite a “broken sewer pipe,” and note the cafe would be closed today for fixes. In fact, we used to live on that very street, and can attest the rat and mouse populations are both huge, and have mostly like been for over 100 years. If one little hole opens up, you can bet they’ll come pouring through it.

Still, Foobooz has a video, and it’s not pretty.

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  1. Just ate there...I'm about to f#*king puke, nothing you do GEC will bring me back.