5/09/2013 02:37:00 PM

Ramen Jinya Closes on Sawtelle and Miracle Mile

Is the ramen bubble already starting to burst, er, slurp? Just as Tsujita opens its Annex on Sawtelle, Ramen Jinya, which opened in Little Osaka about a year ago, has closed, according to Eater. Bummer. We also noted that the Miracle Mile location is absent from the Ramen Jinya website, but there is a restaurant called Ramen Miracle Mile now in its place. According to the gal who answered the phone at RMM, their recipes are "the same recipes" from Jinya, but it's now different owners. Or something. So if Jinya is your ramen of choice, and it should at least be on your list, there's still the Studio City spot and Robata Jinya on West Third Street.


  1. RMM has very different menu offering now. I ate lunch a few times since the change and I don't think the recipe is the same. It's less oily but more flavor in the taste. Doesn't matter. Still my good neighborhood ramen joint.