5/29/2013 02:17:00 PM

PYT’s Messy but Beautiful Deep-Fried Lasagna Burger

“Deep-fried lasagna is better than any bun in the world.” So says Tommy Up, explaining the inspiration for Philly eatery PYT’s new burger of the week, and we may have to agree. The Lasagna-Bun Burger swaps out boring bread for two thick slices of golden, deep-fried lasagna, which surround a meatball-seasoned burger for a deliciously absurd mashup.

The patty itself is topped with melted provolone and housemade marinara, and the whole thing is served on a plate with Parmesan-seasoned fries for $15. Is the crispy, saucy, cheesy creation really possible to eat like a burger? It is, according to Up, though he warns that it’s not necessarily pretty (tip: don’t try this on a first date).

“If you can get it all up to your mouth in one piece, then you just need to start eating and keep on going - don’t stop or it’ll come down like a five-foot-tall house of cards,” Up says. “We’re recommending a knife and fork, but it’s all up to you and how serious you are about making it happen.”

Seems like a worthy challenge. The burger is available this week only, so swing out to Northern Liberties and duck inside the air conditioned neon bar to give it a try (215-964-9009).


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