5/29/2013 02:00:00 PM

Public Kitchen's Hollywood Bowl Dinner & Show Package

Kale salad from Public Kitchen & Bar
While there’s something magical about summer nights at the Hollywood Bowl, the stacked parking lot situation is a real buzz kill. You are literally trapped until everyone who is parked near you decides to finish their wine and saunter outside from the top bleachers. Or, worse yet, wait for a crowded shuttle bus line that makes us swear we will never come back - not even for reggae night. If you’re planning on attending any summer concerts from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (opening night on June 22), to Blue Man Group or the Grease sing-a-along (we don’t judge), look into Public Kitchen & Bar’s “Take Me To The Bowl” package.
Less than $100 will get you a pre-show dinner for two, a bottle of Prosecco and valet parking at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - that alone can run up to $30 on any given night. You can then stroll over the bowl, come and go as you please. Chef Tim Goodell’s prix fixe menu includes kale salad with pine nuts, currants and pancetta; Neapolitan meatballs; roasted Jidori chicken with asparagus and King Oyster mushrooms; Scottish salmon and carrot purée or an English pea risotto. It beats waiting in all the food and beer lines too. Now all you need is a clear, balmy night and a good show.


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