5/07/2013 04:48:00 PM

Pete Wells Drops Another Two-Spot on Bowery's Pearl & Ash

And she's a looker, too.
Pete Wells is pretty taken with downtown destination Pearl & Ash, which earns another two-spot from the NY Times critic. "Since it opened in February, the restaurant has become the city’s most exciting place to drink wine," Wells boldly declares. He likes the range and price range on bottles, and he also likes most of the food. "Some people who’ve gone to Pearl & Ash seem confused about what kind of restaurant it is," the critic writes. "The menu is heavy on small plates, but then the dishes under the meat and fish headings can also be prepared in main-course sizes. You can cover the table with a carnival of little dishes, or start with an appetizer and proceed to an entree. Whatever. Let’s just call it a very high-functioning wine bar that offers one of the best values in the city, and move on." Read the full review here.


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