5/14/2013 01:24:00 PM

Paul McGee Channels the 1970s With Pop-Up “Fern Bar”

The Sloe Comfortable Screw (bourbon, sloe gin, peach) photo by Anjali Pinto
Three Dots and a Dash, mixologist Paul McGee’s tiki bar that we told you about in August, will open next month. First, like Marty McFly in his Delorean, McGee takes a quick stop in the 1970s before continuing to create a bar circa 1940. It is called a “fern bar” and will be resurrected for one night only at R.J. Grunts on Monday between 9 PM and 2 AM. The fern bar was a staple of the roaring ‘70s, also know as the era of swingers and disco. As the name suggests, it was filled with potted plants and other kitschy items reminiscent of a grandmother’s living room or modern day thrift shop. The intention was to create a comfortable atmosphere for singles to mix and mingle.
What is mingling with out a little liquid courage? Drinks in the fern bar were notoriously sweet or dairy-based – it was the heyday of the blender after all. Think white Russians, ice cream daiquiris and frozen mudslides. Once again, all designed to encourage a type of homey comfort that can only be achieved while drinking a boozy, fruity concoction on a pink flowered sofa.

McGee’s fern bar will pop up in a restaurant nearly untouched since 1971. The drink menu showcases signature cocktails of the time. His version of a white Russian combines light rum, blackstrap rum, coffee and cream. He will also serve eight other cocktails for $8 including a Singapore Sling with gin, pineapple, and cherry brandy. In addition to cocktails, two shots will be served for $5 each – the Woo Woo made with vodka, peach and cranberry as well as the Melon Ball made with Midori, orange juice and pineapple. They should hold cocktail fans over until Three Dots finally opens under Bub City.


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