5/06/2013 02:15:00 PM

Party Report: Fig's Ray Garcia Takes Cochon 555 Prize

Luchador Garcia takes the prize/Photo: Galdones for Cochon 555
The Cochon 555 Tour swung through LA yesterday, holding its annual pig fest at the House of Blues for the second year in a row. While we don't think the space is big enough for the hordes of hungry pork fiends that pack the place (this may have been the largest crowd yet), it does offer plenty of bar space for all the booze you get to drink (yay bourbon!). There were five competitors - Ford's Filling Station's Gavin Lansdale, The Charleston's Jet Tila, House of Blues' Sean Dent, Fig's Ray Garcia and The Bazaar's Josh Whigham - all cooking five different dishes from their own breed of Heritage pig. While we do love a good pig-out, the whiskey makes it all go down that much easier.

After making our way through the tables, we noticed raw pork as a theme, having been served by at least two chefs, as was blood sausage. In the end we pegged our favorites: Garcia's pork ceviche and "butt tamales," Tila's pork buns, Ford's piggy cookies, The Bazaar's sausage-filled squid and, in last place, a meatball slider from the House of Blues. The Fig crew also got extra points for their full-on luchadores costumes and overall table team spirit. Turns out we weren't alone - the judges selected Garcia for the top Cochon 555 LA title, which means he'll compete in the finals at Aspen Food & Wine next month, and joining him is Josh Goldman, who won the title of Punch King with his bourbon-spiked punch. We couldn't fit another bite in our pig-hole, but Short Order and LA Creamery served even more pork-filled food at the after-party in The Foundation Room. For more sights and bites from the night, check out the slide show below.


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