5/03/2013 05:40:00 PM

Papalote Gets Naked, With a New Soundtrack to Match

Image via Flickr/Kenn Wilson
By Tamara Palmer
Papalote Mexican Grill is known as a harmonious place thanks to proprietor Miguel Escobedo, who runs the two-restaurant and retail salsa company with his brother Victor and is known after dark as DJ Mr. E, a veteran of the music scene. He often dedicates his original music mixes to Papalote, as in last year's Trapalote (showing off the electronic music/rap hybrid genre called trap) and today's brand new set called Cinco de Bajo, a mix of Latin and bass sounds. A popular menu item, the heft-defying Triple Threat Burrito, is named after Mr. E's longtime hip-hop colleagues, the Triple Threat DJs. And Papalote smartly markets to the music community through adapting the use of funny and topical Internet memes.

Escobedo says that Papalote is working on two new menu items for May: An ensalada with two homemade dressings (ranch and cilantro serrano) and a so-called "naked burrito" sans tortilla for the carbohydrate conscious. The Papalote salsas will make their way into the Berkeley Bowl and Andronico's grocery stores this month as well.


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