5/02/2013 11:32:00 AM

Open Call: Who Makes the Best Margaritas in Town?

We know: them’s fightin’ words. Austinites are serious about their margaritas (and their Mexican martinis). So is it Trudy’s? La Condesa? Polvo’s? Matt’s El Rancho? We could go on, but we want your opinion.

Where do you drink? What keeps you coming back?


  1. The Top Shelf margarita at Fonda San Miguel is my favorite in Austin. On the rocks

    1. Trudys on the rocks seems to be perfection but I still have to conduct more research!

  2. Chambord Margarita at ZTejas is one of my favorites. Also like Jack's Mexican Martini at Jack Allen's Kitchen. Polvo's Mexican Martini is really good too and has lots of olive juice to make really dirty.