5/23/2013 03:45:00 PM

On Chicago Beer and American Baseball

Planning to attend a baseball game this summer? Regardless of North Side or South Side allegiances, maybe a more important question should determine whether you visit Wrigley or U.S. Cellular Field: Which stadium serves better beer? Luckily, both the Chicago Tribune and Redeye released in-depth reports on the beer scene at and around the fields.

The consensus? Neither stadium boasts an impressive lineup of local craft beer. Blame small breweries not producing enough to supply the large crowds and both teams’ corporate beer sponsors – Budwiser at Wrigley and MillerCoors at The Cell. However, The Cell took the win for its lineup of Bell's, New Holland and Weinhard's while Wrigley is stuck in the dark ages due to a nostalgia for Old Style.

There may be light at the end of this sudsy tunnel. Not only will Revolutions new Kedzie brewing facility allow the brewery to produce enough to supply a stadium, if the offer arises, but also, a new beer garden at Wrigley specialized in craft beer. Next time you want to hang out in Wrigleyville, go straight to the new Black Sheep Bier Gaarden (formerly Yard). They offer an all-local beer list as well as an elevated bar menu of sriracha hot wings, poutine and gourmet burgers.


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