5/03/2013 12:05:00 PM

Omni Hotels Roll Out New Regional Mexican Menu

As we wind down our Mexican Food Week on our restaurant blogs, we thought we'd take a second to point out Omni Hotels' brand spanking new regional Mexican menus, which were developed at The Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio. The menu offers the best of the salsas and antojitos that were created during a three-day chef training workshop at CIA, and it includes beverage pairings -- four Patron cocktails and Mexican beers. The menu will be offered and Omni bars and lounges. Full details after the jump.
Salsa Rojo de Jitomate (Tomato and Chipotle Salsa)
Salsa Chiltomate (Yucatecan Tomato Salsa)
Salsa Verde Asada (Roasted Tomatillo Salsa)
Salsa Verde Cocida (Cooked Tomatillo Sauce)

Burras de Carne Descebrada y Chile (Shredded Beef and Chile Burras)
Molotes Potosinos (Potosi-style Cigar-Shaped Antojitos)
Tacos de Hongas (Mexican Mushroom-style Tacos)
Tlayuda Estilo (Mexican Pizza with Queso and Chorizo)

The Perfect Patrón Margarita
The Prickly Pear Margarita
The Rasa (Patron XO Café with muddled raspberries, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Fernet Branca Crème)
The Cocoa Smash (Patrón XO Café Dark Cocoa with muddled mint, lemon juice, agave syrup and soda water)
Assorted Mexican Beers

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