5/20/2013 01:05:00 PM

Nominate Your Favorite Messy Food Truck Dish for the Vendys

The Philly Vendy Awards are coming up on Saturday, June 8, and though regular nominations are closed, you have another chance to support your favorite food truck. Tide Stain Eraser is sponsoring a new “Messy Yet Tasty” award, which will go to the dish that makes a total mess but is so yummy you totally don't care. Nominate here.

The judges who will decide on the official Vendy Cup winner have just been announced: Paul Kimport (Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s), Emilio Mignucci (Di Bruno Bros.), Lauren Purcell (Every Day with Rachael Ray) and Andrew Gerson (Brooklyn Brewery). When you buy a $55 ticket (here), you’ll get to judge on your own, for the people’s choice award, plus eat and drink from the city’s best mobile kitchens from 2-6 PM, making as much of a mess as you want.

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