5/06/2013 09:45:00 AM

Next Generation of Talula’s Table; Talula’s Daily to Serve Supper

The first Headhouse Farmers’ Market of 2013 took over the Shambles between Pine and Lombard yesterday. Aimee Olexy’s Talula’s Table was vending in its regular spot, but we spotted someone new behind the stand - the namesake for both the Kennett Square original and its Center City sibling.

Annalee Talula Rae Sikora, at less than eight years old, has all the charm and grace of her mother, and she busied herself helping customers navigate the containers of garlic hummus, mushroom and beer cheese dips, chorizo and prepared salads like kale with lentils.

How are the tantalizing pearls of dark chocolate that form a bubble-like layer over chocolate pudding made? “I don’t know,” Annalee began, but then decided to offer an opinion, “I think they probably melt the chocolate, make it into little balls, and then freeze it, so they stay in that shape!”

“It’s different from these balls,” she told us, pointing to a new dessert, vanilla tapioca pudding with seasonal fruit - right now rhubarb compote - of which Olexy says, “People in Kennett live off this stuff!”

Olexy also tells us July 14 is the target launch date for Talula’s Daily, the market coming to Washington Square right next to Talula’s Garden. The shop will sell wine and beer in addition to salads, sweets, cheeses and coffee, and - just like the Kennett Square shop - will serve supper each evening. No telling if reservations will also be booked a year in advance, but might as well get your dialing finger ready now.


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