5/23/2013 12:00:00 PM

New York City's Most Expensive Cocktails, Part 2

A $69 Margarita...well alright then
As we've noted before, $15 cocktails have become so commonplace in New York City that they barely raise eyebrows. And according to the new results of our Mixology Survey, 64% of cocktail connoisseurs say that's the most they will pay for a drink, while a mere 3% of people are willing to pay upwards of $20 a drink. Last year we found 8 expensive cocktails that all crossed that mark, and this year we went in search of more. After poring over loads of menus we were heartened to find that $20+ drinks are still pretty darn hard to find in Manhattan, but we did manage to discover 5 more of NYC's most expensive cocktails.


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