Meet Jeramiah’s Jersey Corn Roast

On the list of vendors coming to Phair this summer, there was one we’d never heard of, and a Google search was no help. So we called Jeremiah Bodner to get the scoop on his new venture, Jeramiah’s Jersey Corn Roast, and the news is good. As you might surmise, he’ll serve fresh-roasted corn on the cob, plus a few other goodies.

Bodner picked up the large trailer-roaster around two years ago, but has been too busy to fully focus on the corn biz until now. He also runs Steve’s Hot Dogs and The Cheesesteak Guy food carts (not to mention his full time job as a schoolteacher), and is pretty excited to be adding healthy option to his repertoire. He’s been testing and tweaking the corn at the weekend farmer’s market in Berlin, NJ, and later this month he’ll bring it to Philly for the first time at Phair

Expect fresh corn - sourced locally as soon as it’s available - roasted husk-on, then stripped and served piping hot, wrapped in a bit of foil. You’ll be able to add your own condiments from a wide selection, like Sriracha, curry powder, Parmesan cheese and other spices and sauces.

In addition to the cobs, Bodner has been selling roasted sweet potatoes, which you can top with marshmallows or cinnamon and sugar, if you like, as well as regular baked potatos. Both potatoes and corn go for $3 each, as will Hawaiian shaved ice, available in 10 different flavors.

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