5/15/2013 04:31:00 PM

Mario Batali Talks Putting Mayonnaise on Brownies and His Head

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is celebrating 100 years in business, and Mario Batali is so excited that he's rubbing the stuff into his scalp. The chef is a spokesperson for the brand, and we were able to catch up with him at a party celebrating the sandwich topper's b-day for a quick Q&A. He happens to be quite a charmer. During this interview he was courteous enough to make sure we had a second helping of cake (made with Hellmann’s, natch). Here’s how it went down:

Zagat: What are you thoughts on the artisanal mayo trend?

Mario: Making your own is a great idea, but if you’re making a hundred tuna salad sandwiches, you’re not doing that. You saw how cool the dressing was that I made with orange juice, orange zest, salt and pepper and Hellmann’s? And all the sudden you have this great sauce that you made. Using it in cool ways is what makes it interesting.

Zagat: How is mayonnaise used in Italian cooking?

Mario: I put mayo in focaccia instead of olive oil and it’s a great flavor. Anytime you see fat, you can substitute the direct proportion and use mayo, instead. It makes it so much juicier - like exploding!

Zagat: How about your restaurant? Would you ever use a pre-packaged brand at a high-end establishment?

Mario: I use Hellmann’s at Del Posto. The panino with the poached chicken and olive oil (which is basically a chicken salad sandwich) is made with Hellmann’s.

Zagat: What’s the strangest thing that you like to put mayo on?

Mario: Every now and then I’ll take a brownie, put a divot in the middle and fill it with mayo and put a teaspoon and a half of chipotle tabasco. And then I eat the brownie. It’s so fu*king good you’ll die.

Zagat: Mayo on burger? Yes or No?

Mario: Yes, in the burger and on the bun.

Zagat: How about a hot dog?

Mario: No. Relish only. It’s a relish carrier.

Zagat: You have a great head of hair. Have you tried mayonnaise as a hair mask?

Mario: I have put mayo on my scalp at the end of the summer when it’s getting really dried out from a lot of lake swimming. I sit for 15 minutes in the sun and wash it out in the lake.

Note: While we're not sure about the brownie idea, mayo cake is delicious.

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