5/16/2013 03:50:00 PM

Philly's Le Bec Fin Says Adieu; Chef Justin Bogle Taking Over the Space

When bar manager Bradford Lawrence told us about changes coming to Le Bec Fin this past Monday evening, it wasn’t exactly the truth. Le Bec Fin will not undergo yet another set of revisions to try to stay relevant. It will close, for good. The Insider reports the Walnut Street icon will shutter as soon as June, and in its place a “micro-seasonal” modernist restaurant will open, helmed by hot chef Justin Bogle, recently awarded two Michelin stars at Gilt in NYC.

Chris Scarduzio (Table 31, Mia, Scarduzio's) will step in as director of operations. Nicholas Fanucci, who left the Thomas Keller organization and moved to Philadelphia to take over Le Bec Fin after Perrier’s retirement, is no longer involved. During renovations, the downstairs bar will stay open, good news if you want to try that Unicorn Egg cocktail. It’s the end of an era in Philadelphia dining, again. Let’s hope it stays that way, because we’re in the throes of an even better one.


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