5/29/2013 05:55:00 PM

Kalman Leaves Churchill for Pickle Company

As of last week, Bruce Kalman is no longer serving wood-fired pizza and duck fat popcorn to the masses at The Churchill in WeHo. Instead, the chef just announced that he will be starting a pickle company as an outlet for another culinary passion. Bruce’s Prime Pickle Company will jar gourmet concoctions such as curried cauliflower, with curry leaves and golden raisins; sweet Cabernet (from Sparrow Lane); onions with thyme and black peppercorns; and the chef’s favorite, cucumber kimchi. For the simple bread-and-butter pickle fans: garlic, fresh horseradish and dill should keep you puckered up all summer. The juicy jars are one month away from going live on-line and will also be available at Lindy & Grundy.


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