5/17/2013 01:30:00 PM

Justin Bogle’s Plans for Le Bec Fin Successor

Now that the closing is official and we no longer have to ponder the slow demise of Le Bec Fin, we can turn our attention to what will rise up in its place. Chef Justin Bogle is calling the menu he’ll bring to the new spot “progressive American,” and promises it will feature ultraseasonal ingredients and collaboration with local farmers. We hear the main dining room upstairs will keep the prix-fixe format, offering a variety of different options and price points.

Bogle is the latest in a stream of NYC chefs now cooking in Philadelphia, joining Eli Kulp, Peter Serpico, Gregory Vernick, Josh Lawler, Sylva Senat and others in making the move 90 miles south. Chris Scarduzio, who convinced him to join the new Walnut Street endeavor, says, “I knew Justin Bogle was 'the man' to take on this historic transformation.”

Since the closing of Gilt, Bogle had been looking to launch his own place in New York, but hadn't yet found a location. "Philly is close enough," the chef says. "It's where I got my start.” (He attended the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and worked under Jose Garces at Alma de Cuba and Christopher Lee at Striped Bass.) “Now that it's a world class restaurant destination,” Bogle continues, “I'm excited to bring all that I learned in NYC back ‘home.’"

Expect plenty of the young chef’s trademark “inventiveness,” modern takes on fresh food that earned him two Michelin stars at Gilt. In addition to the high-end food upstairs, there will be a bistro-type menu at the downstairs lounge, along with speakeasy-inspired cocktails. The bar will stay open during renovations, so stop in for your best chance at a sneak peek of what’s to come.


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