5/10/2013 03:31:00 PM

Jump Start a Summer Garden at the Peterson Plant and Bake Sale

Do you have big plans for a summer garden but don’t know where to start? This weekend, the Peterson Garden Project hosts its annual plant and bake sale at the Peterson Garden Project’s Learning Center (4642 N. Francisco Ave.). In addition to pastries from local bakeries and pastry chefs, hand-selected seedlings from local growers are on sale. Seeds were sourced from Seed Saver Exchange and grown at Lake Street Landscape. Dozens of varieties of herbs, fruit and heirloom vegetables include kale, peppers and tomatoes. The sale began this morning at 10 AM and continues through Sunday. It closes each day at 4 PM. The vendors encourage BYOB – as in, bring your own bag or tray. Those who need even more help than a pre-grown plant, can purchase a "Grewbie Kits" for $30 with rope, eye hooks, tool, quick-start guide, seeds and plant markers in an hand-painted tote.


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