5/09/2013 12:03:00 PM

It's Totally Normal That Goats Will Roam O'Hare Airport

Summer vacation plans just got a bit wilder thanks to O’Hare Airport’s acquisition of a heard of goats. No, the goats are not for a new torta at Frontera Fresca; rather, they will be used for a more practical purpose – living lawnmowers. The 25 goats are owned by Butcher & The Burger partner Joseph Arnold, and currently live on a farm in Barrington Hills. Arnold, who owns hogs and chickens for the build-your-own butcher shop in Lincoln Park, purchased the goats on a whim. He told the Chicago Tribune, they are "the perfect lawn mowers."

The new contract awarded by Chicago’s Department of Aviation states the goats will be used to maintain 250-square-feet of vegetation throughout 120 acres at four different sites around the airport. They will be managed by a shepherd and kept inside fenced areas, away from runways and airplanes. The goats will roam O’Hare starting next month until the fall, when they return to the farm. Then will return next spring. This is the latest attempt to help make O’Hare more sustainable and eco-friendly.


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