5/17/2013 03:17:00 PM

Hot Diggity University Takes on Southern Style Hot Dogs

Pimento cheese dog!
Hot Diggity University returns for a second round this Monday, and this is a class you definitely want to attend (even more than seminars with that college prof you crushed on so hard). Why? Because hot dogs. Local expert Hawk Krall joins Hot Diggity owner Keith Garabedian for a two hour session dedicated to hot dogs of the South.

Explore West Virginia’s white slaw dog with spicy chili; a Memphis dog with mustard slaw; Pete’s special from Birmingham, Alabama and finally a dog topped with that Dixieland classic, pimento cheese. And by “explore” we mean eat. (And learn about. But mostly eat.) Beer will be served to wash it all down and tickets are $45 per person (here; 267-886-9253).

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  1. Tuscaloosa is known for the T-Town Polish. This local beauty has been around for years and flown under the radar. It's deep fried and garnished with mustard, ground beef, grilled onions, bell peppers, and special sauce.