5/19/2013 06:35:00 PM

GoogaMooga Organizer Promises to "Do Right" By Frustrated Vendors

There are sure to be a lot of leftover burgers; photo by Clay Williams
They can't control the weather, but Superfly, the organizers of this weekend's GoogaMooga festival, are taking flak from city vendors that were left with large inventories of food (and the financial outlays that came with) after today's festivities were cancelled due to the weather. You can see a roundup of vendor angst here (one restaurateur said the loss could hit $10k). The organizers of the festival - who had to deal with a similar outcry last year - quickly issued a statement that they would address this issue head on. From festival co-founder Jonathan Mayers:

"GoogaMooga is all about supporting local businesses and our intention is to do right by each vendor. In the coming days, we will be sitting down with all our partners to find financial solutions."

The festival also set up an information page for attendees looking to get their money back. In addition to paying back people who bought VIP passes, beer and wine tickets are also refundable.

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  1. The vendors will be fine. I went on Friday and everything was ridiculously overpriced. $24 for two 10 oz draft beers? Are you kidding me?