5/09/2013 01:38:00 PM

Gone but Not for Good: NoBL and Artisan Boulanger Closing

Mezze at NoBL
These two closings are less depressing than usual, because both outfits will live on, in one way or another.

Proprietor Stephen Wagner announced on NoBL’s website that the mezze house would close for good this weekend. (After a poor Inquirer review, the space closed briefly for a revamp last November.) There’s still live music set for this Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday - the last night of service - you can pay $20 for a Chef’s Choice Dinner to “Help us finish off whatever’s left!” Wagner’s other restaurant, Sycamore, will continue to provide Mediterranean dining to Lansdowne, with chef Steve Kozak at the helm (484-461-2689). [The Insider]

Artisan Boulanger Patissier, makers of the best croissant in the entire city, have finally shut down operations at 12th and Morris Streets on East Passyunk. However, the French-Vietnamese bakery isn’t down for the count. The move was necessary to make way for Chris Scarduzio’s new bistro concept, but a new space at 1218 Mifflin is being readied as a new storefront. It should reopen soon. [Passyunk Post]


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