5/29/2013 12:05:00 PM

First Meal: Karen Nicolas of Citron and Rose

We’re asking top Philly food folk where they’d take a visitor for their first meal in Philadelphia. Karen Nicolas is the new chef at Citron and Rose in Merion. She’s worked under Tom Colicchio and Charlie Palmer in New York and California, respectively, and was most recently at Equinox in DC, where she earned a nod from Food & Wine as a 2012 Best New Chef. However, Nicolas was born in Philadelphia and raised in State College, PA, so she’s already familiar with this area. Now that she’s back, we asked her where she’d take a newcomer for a bite.

Zagat: You have friend visiting from DC who's never been to Philadelphia before. Where do you take them for their first meal in Philly, and what do you suggest they try there?

Karen Nicholas: I would take them to brunch at Honey's Sit n Eat in Northern Liberties. I used to frequent that place a lot on my Sundays off. The egg dishes are great, my favorite being the enfrijoladas [a dish that’s kind of like huevos rancheros meets breakfast burritos]! And I always take a slice of the gigantic carrot cake to go. The homestyle desserts are not to be missed.


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