5/02/2013 10:05:00 AM

First Meal: David Suro-Piñera of Tequilas and Siembra Azul

We’re asking top Philly food folk where they’d take a visitor for their first meal in Philadelphia. For Mexican Food Week, we called on David Suro-Piñera. The Mexico native and longtime Philadelphian not only owns and operates Tequilas restaurant in Rittenhouse, he also started the Siembra Azul tequila brand and nonprofit foundation and is a worldwide activist for sustainable agave farming, production and trade. Despite his busy schedule, he definitely knows Philly.

Zagat: You have friend visiting from Mexico who's never been to Philadelphia before. Where do you take them for their first meal in Philly, and what do you suggest they try there?

David Suro-Piñera: If I had friends visiting from Mexico I would definitely take them to Lemon Hill, a great place with incredible food and cocktails, friendly service and a comfortable ambiance. The must-haves are the steamed mussels, crispy chicken livers and smoky chicken wings.

Another place we’d visit is Oyster House on Sansom Street. Anything that comes out of the raw bar, kitchen or bar is a guaranteed feast for our taste buds. It’s got the combo of a great bartending staff with in a beautiful scenery.

To wrap up the day, late night cocktails at Emmanuelle - the people there have put together a superb cocktail program.


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