5/08/2013 05:46:00 PM

First Look: Slings and Sidewalk Patios at Sixth St Tavern

We're pretty big fans of Spring St. and the Library Bar Downtown, so when the parent company, Acme Bar Group, decided to turn their Urbano Pizza Bar into yet another tavern, we were on team cocktail. Having checked out Sixth St Tavern the other day, we can say that it is yet another great watering hole for Downtown. Not only is the beer list great - Craftsman, Deschutes, Lost Coast and Stone among them - and the space all open windows and two big sidewalk patios, but there's a smart cocktail program that offers straightforward quaffs, nothing too fancy, all made with good spirits and ingredients. Take the Sixth Street Sling, for example. It's a classic sling made with Martin Miller gin, Benedictine, sherry, Solerno orange liqueur, lemon and a splash of soda water. Not to sweet, not too sparkly, the thing went down way too easy.

The place doesn't open until 3 PM on weekdays, just in time for office workers to hit happy hour, but it's open at noon on the weekends, making it one of the better new outdoor drinking options Downtown. When we heard about chicken and waffles (actually little chicken nibbles on donut sliders), we got pretty excited about the food offerings too. After catching a glimpse of those and the fries coming out of the kitchen, it's safe to say we'll be back soon. Apparently chef Greg Bernhardt has signed on to work with Acme for all their properties, including streamlining the menu at Laurel Tavern in the Valley. Just don't touch those thick-cut fries.


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