5/02/2013 02:15:00 PM

Eli Kulp Lands a New Oven at Fork

Photo: Eli Kulp
As of today, we expect Eli Kulp’s food at Fork to be even better. How will it be possible to top the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite dishes he’s already been putting out? Fork proprietor Ellen Yin bought the hot chef a brand-new Jade oven and range, plus did extensive structural renovations to the kitchen.

Previously, there was a separate front and back line, and Kulp wasn’t able to personally supervise each and every plate. So a wall was knocked down, and now the chef and his sous chefs can more easily communicate with the entire back-of-the-house staff. It’s a bonus visually, too, because the entire kitchen - with new tiling on the walls and pleasant ambient lighting - is now visible from the dining area.

What can we expect from the fancy new digs, food-wise? No word yet, but expect plenty of asparagus dishes - Kulp just scored $1,000 worth of the green spring stalks from farmer Tom Culton. Make a reservation to see what it turns into (215-625-9425).


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