5/24/2013 11:35:00 AM

Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, May 24-27

Celebrate the kickoff to summer with seasonal treats from land and shore, and make the time to catch dinner outside in the park. Then finish out your Memorial Day weekend with Monday brunch, and read up on how we’ll have pizza on Mars and why Instagramming your food might not be so bad. Don’t forget to raise a glass to the men and women who’ve died in service of our nation, making it possible for us to enjoy all this great food and drink in peace.

Eat This

Corndog at Shake Shack
If you’re a corndog fan, or you’re simply corndog-curious, we hear the version at the Shack is legit. The Vienna all-beef dog dipped in housemade corn batter and deep fried is available for a limited time only - from Friday-Monday, May 24-27 - and is served with Rick’s Picks sweet corn relish for $4.50. For dessert, go for a cup of the special concrete Pecan Pie Oh My with pie from Nook Bakery, just down 20th Street from the burger stop (215-809-1742).

Soft Shell Tempura at Del Frisco’s
It’s soft shell crab season, and there are specials all over the city. The version currently on the menu at Del Frisco’s sees the crustaceans battered and deep fried, tempura-style, then served with seared scallops on top of tomato-basil cous cous with a drizzle of aioli and a side of tomato marmalade. Crunchy and springy and a perfect weekend dinner (215-246-0533).

Do This

Dinner at SquareBurger
The Stephen Starr burger shack in Franklin Square starts extended hours this weekend, and with the sunlight now stretching late into the evening, it’s a great opportunity for an impromptu dinner picnic. Starting today, SquareBurger is open through 9 PM on Friday and Saturday and 8 PM all other nights of the week. Head over for a hot dog and fries and finish up with a cake shake for a tasty outdoor meal (215-629-4026).

Brunch on a Monday
Since it’s a holiday, several restaurants are extending weekend brunch an extra day. There will be Monday midday service at Kraftwork, Sidecar Bar & Grille, Rex 1516, Local 44, Pub & Kitchen, Smokin’ Betty’s and Supper, and probably several of other restaurants, too. An extra chance for the best meal of the week.

Read This

The Audacious Plan to End Hunger With 3-D Printed Food
It’s the holy grail of food sourcing, and considered a near necessity for long-term space travel, but is it actually close to happening? NASA just gave a company a $125,000 grant to create a  universal food synthesizer - essentially a fancy 3D printer. One fancy enough to print out a pizza. Will there be pizza on Mars? Time will tell, but we’re betting on yes.

A Tweetable Feast
Though the habit of tweeting and Instagramming your food seems to be widely deplored, most of us still do it. In Aeon magazine, Jared Keller posits the social sharing can be a positive thing, an extension of the way food brings people together, and has in fact been a driving force in the progress of civilization and society. We need to be mindful of our surroundings during a meal, sure, but maybe sharing food pics isn’t actually so bad.


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