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Eat This, Do This, Drink This: Philly Weekend Planner, May 10-12

Photo: Scott Schroeder
It’s very important to let mom know we appreciate all she does, of course, but there’s plenty of other fun to be had this weekend. And we’re not just talking about the five different beer fests. Nosh on a tripe sandwich - if you’ve never tried it, this is a perfect start - eat meltingly battered shrimp, score free whoopie pies and sip Campari on Spring Garden. Also make time to read about Bespoke Bacon (jealous of that brand name!) and peep a Farm 51 “ravished salad.”

Eat This

The Baldino at American Sardine Bar
Scott Schroeder just unleashed his latest sandwich of the month at the Point Breeze bar, and it’s an Italian-Market-esque tribute to Joey Baldino of Zeppoli. Braised tripe goes on a Sarcone’s roll with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone, and a fried long hot pepper comes on the side (in case you like keep your heat and your meat separate). The dish runs $12 and is available for a limited time only, so get it while you can (215-334-2337).

Shrimp Lettuce Cups at Square 1682
If it seems like we’re complementing the richness of the sandwich above with a boring, healthy pick, think again. The lettuce only serves - quite well - to hold the tasty chili vinaigrette and crunchy sprouts close to the huge shrimp, which are fried in a most decadent Yards batter. The total renovation of the dining room at the Hotel Palomar restaurant came with a brand new menu from chef Caitlin Mateo, and this is just one of the solid options ($12; 215-563-5008).

Do This

Beiler’s Donuts and Salads Grand Opening Deals
At Reading Terminal Market, Beiler’s Donuts and Salads (perfect combo?) has sprouted where AJ’s Pickle Patch used to stand, and Foobooz tips us off to some special offers to sweeten the first few days. From Thursday-Saturday, stop by to get a free small coffee and a raffle ticket with every purchase, or two free whoopie pies when you buy a quart of salad (267-318-7480).

Apertivo Night at Bufad
New in reasons to finish your weekends with a visit to the Eraserhood, Michael Pasquarello is launching this traditional Italian buffet, held every second Sunday. Meant to follow up a day of feasting with family (kinda like Mother’s Day), antipasti are served to pair with sips of aperitifs and digestifs - bring your favorites along to the BYO. $10 will get you all you care to nibble (215-238-9311).

Read This

Three Average Joes Are Banking on Bacon
Looks like Bespoke Bacon could’ve fit right into our Food Artisans roundup. City Paper’s got the scoop on three buddies who share a love of bacon - real bacon, not the shrivled, slimy stuff you find at the supermarket. They’re making it, and you can buy it. Check out Shaun Brady’s profile for more.

Farm 51 Fare: Ravaged Salad With Poached Egg
Neal Santos, whose gorgeous food shots you’ve no doubt seen in the City Paper, also runs an educational urban farm in Southwest Philly called Farm 51. And now, he’s started blogging about it. We’re looking forward to the educational stuff, but right now we’re drooling over his photo guide to this dish, which both sounds and looks both sexy and delicious.


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