5/17/2013 03:43:00 PM

Cocktail Hour: Pecaño Liqueur

When Texas native Jeff Schmulen came back to the Lone Star State after five years in Italy, he found himself missing the amazing specialty liqueurs: Limoncello, Fernet and in particular a regional, walnut-based spirit called Nocino. But rather than import the nutty liqueurs from Naples and Bologna, he set about to create a Nocino-inspired Texas spirit, made with Hill Country pecans.

Enter Pecaño, which will remind you of Christmas and is so smooth that you’ll be surprised when it knocks you off your feet. We liked its particular mix of spices like cinnamon and locally sourced pecans. The liquor is best neat, over ice cream or in coffee.

Schmulen began by making the spirit for his friends, but it has become so popular that he recently created Red Deer Liqueur and a Kickstarter to be able to kick up production and get Pecaño to commercial markets by Christmas of 2013.

Kickstarter recently made Pecaño one of its staff picks, and the project has already raised $9,100 out of $40,000 from 102 backers. This is the only pecan-based liqueurs as far as we know, and we’re excited to see if Christmas will come early for Schmulen and Pecaño.


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