5/13/2013 11:01:00 AM

Check Out Trace's New Rooftop Apiary

People in Austin aren’t the only ones crazy about juice diets: the bees in our city are also hopping on the trend. At Trace’s new rooftop apiary, the rescue bees feed on macerated fruit juice (think organic grapes, plums, apples and more) instead of sugar water. It’s all part of bee czar Walter Schumacher’s plan to differentiate the W Hotel’s honey from other raw honeys like Goodflow's and make it that much healthier.

The W is replacing as much of the sugar and agave nectar in its drinks, food and even milk-and-honey spa treatments as possible with homemade honey, created on its rooftop apiary. Schumacher built the apiary himself, and the project is a partnership between the W Hotel and Whole Foods.

When we visited, we were impressed by the 10 bee boxes surrounded by citrus trees, olive trees, ghost pepper plants, herbs and more. The plants were added to keep the bees from buzzing down to the pool and other areas and landing on guests. Ten bee boxes (each has somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 bees) from a group of 40 total will be rotated in and out, to keep from “sweatshopping,” and total, they will produce about 4,000 pounds of honey at a minimum each year.

So where will you be able to get your hands on this honey? Trace will serve it in its cocktails and food, and the restaurant is talking to Whole Foods about selling three different labels.

In the meantime check out the slideshow below for some pretty pics.


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