5/06/2013 11:44:00 AM

C3 Donates $3.5M to Revamp Auditorium Shores

Photo courtesy Flickr user me and the sysop
On Friday the city announced plans to close Auditorium Shores to big events for the next year in order to revamp the park. C3 has given $3.5 million to overhaul the park, and the Austin American-Statesman reports that work will start this fall.

This year the Austin Food and Wine Festival moved the location away from Auditorium Shores at the last minute, and with good reason. The dust from last year’s event was enough to keep people talking for more than 12 months. Expect the popular park to be closed from February 2014 to February 2015, and events will either need to relocate like Food and Wine or cancel.

According to the Statesman, “the work will include creating a smaller, new off-leash dog area on the west end of Auditorium Shores and installing new turf and sprinkler systems to spruce up the heavily used, deteriorated grass in the main expanse.”


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