5/02/2013 09:30:00 AM

Book Your Next Flight on Price and Quality

Singapore Airlines ranks high on new site Routehappy; image courtesy of Singapore Airlines
When you're booking a long haul flight, things like the quality of meals, the availability of WiFi and the relative comfort of the seats become a big deal. Big enough that you wouldn't mind paying an extra $50 or $100, right? Well Routehappy, a new booking site, agrees. When you search for flights, they give you the standard info (price, layovers, flight duration), but they also include a rating that takes into account plane facilities, legroom, inflight amenities and flyer ratings. So instead of having to comb through multiple websites to determine if a given airline or plane has WiFi or great seatback entertainment, it's all right in front of you, helping you to weigh the options.


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