5/03/2013 09:40:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Pork Belly “BLT” Slider at Say laV

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer may be closed (for now), but your wish for excellent, locally sourced small plates at a food truck is Say laV’s command. The unassuming trailer behind the Volstead and Hotel Vegas bars on East Sixth offers a preview of the types of dishes you’ll find at laV, the more upscale brick-and-mortar version from the same team that’s slated to open in the fall (think French-Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on wine).

Everything we tried here knocked our wool socks and coats off (it was 50 degrees yesterday!): The tarragon pickled eggs were a dream, the potato chips with rosemary addictively crunchy, the spinach hummus with carrots and pea greens refreshing, the corned beef tongue on a pretzel roll surprisingly tender and the sweet potato donut holes an otherworldly experience.

But it was the meaty pork belly “BLT” with fresh arugula and tomato jam on a soft baguette that had us coming back for seconds and thirds. Sometimes pork belly can be a big slab of fat, but in this case the protein shone through, and the sweet tomato jam complemented the savory in just the right way.

The trailer will stay open even after the restaurant premieres, but we suggest you go immediately for a satisfying dinner or late-night snack.

Behind the Volstead and Hotel Vegas, 1501 E. Sixth St.; 512-720-8112


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