5/03/2013 03:29:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Guacamole at Taqueria Lower East Side

We've got guacamole on the brain, but can you blame us? It's too delicious to resist. During our maiden voyage to LA-inspired Mexican restaurant Taqueria Lower East Side, we couldn't help ordering the crowd-pleasing appetizer. Given the cost, we often consider guacamole a splurge at restaurants, but here, the $7.50 price tag was generous considering the portion. It tasted fresh, was appropriately balanced with citrus and was the right consistency - the added components didn't overwhelm the core (and most important) ingredient. Considering the size of the restaurant you may have to wait for a seat, but keep in mind, it's bustling for a reason (212-677-3910).


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