5/09/2013 03:18:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Fajitas at Bar Ama

We know what you're thinking: fajitas, really? Yes, really. Because we've never had fajitas the way Josef Centeno serves them at Bar Ama. And while we've been to the Downtown LA restaurant many times, when someone calls you and says they're on their way for some queso and do you want to join them, the answer will always be yes. It's impossible to steer clear of the stuff once the idea has been planted in your brain. Thing is, one cannot live on queso alone, so when you need some meat for balance, this giant sizzling platter of steak or chicken or shrimp - a pound of meat or seafood in all, served on a bed of caramelized griddled onions and topped with a heaping mound of fresh shredded cabbage - is exactly what you want. Throw a forkful in one of the freshly made tortillas, add some of that incredibly good Bus Driver housemade hot sauce and go to town. And sure, if there's any queso left in the bowl, it tastes pretty good on there too.


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