5/07/2013 02:45:00 PM

Badmaash Now Serving Indian Gastropub Fare Downtown

The gastropub concept won't die - instead, people will just put a new cultural spin on it until we go back to fine dining. Enter Badmaash, a new Indian restaurant in the historic Higgins Building, now serving Bombay street food and American pubby fare mash-ups with a dose of attitude (the word badmaash means "badass" in Hindi). The release really pushes the fact that this is a "new" kind of Indian restaurant, one with a contemporary look and irreverent flair, and that the menu from father-son chef-owner team Pawan and Nakul Mahendro isn't your everyday tikka masala. It's tikka masala poutine. And beef (a no-no among India's Hindi population) keema, a sort of minced meat and pea stew served over a toasted bun, tandoori-spiced chicken wings, a lamb burger with mint-cilantro mayo and samosas, among other dishes, plus a selection of beers and wines. Badmaash is open until 11 PM Monday through Thursday, and 1 AM Friday through Sunday.

108 West 2nd St.; 310-310-3103


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