5/23/2013 10:26:00 AM

Back Bar Bottles: The Dead Rabbit's Pamela Wiznitzer on Using Suze

Ever wonder about that obscure liquor bottle you've never heard of sitting on the back of the bar - does anyone actually use it? All this week we're asking drink-slingers about their favorite back bar bottles. Below, Pamela Wiznitzer of The Dead Rabbit in NYC explains how she uses a classic French aperitif.

Bartender: Pamela Wiznitzer - The Dead Rabbit (New York)

Back Bar Bottle: Suze

History: Although introduced to the market in 1889, Suze is not very well known outside of its native France. It is a bitter, aperitif-style liquor which is made from wild gentian. It's sold in an elegant and iconic bottle designed by Henri Porte, and even caught the eye of one Pablo Picasso who depicted it in his 1912 collage "Verre et bouteille de Suze." If it was good enough for Picasso...

How She Uses It: "Suze is a newer gentian liqueur on the market coming from France and has a beautiful sweetness along with a bitter bite simultaneously. The color is a light yellowish-green and it works wonderfully in cocktails that need an added layer of complexity. I personally love to use it to create white negronis in the spring time and find that it plays well with Mezcal, Pisco, gin,and white rums."


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