5/09/2013 02:25:00 PM

Artisans in Austin: Amity Bakery

Did you know we have one of the best bakeries in America in our city? Bon Appetit featured soft-spoken Barrie Cullinan’s bread in its January 2011 issue, rating her butter croissants, whole wheat loaves and honey-pecan batardes up there with Tartine in San Francisco.

Amity doesn’t have a storefront, but it will deliver breads, cookies, pies and rotating options like strawberry-rhubarb-filled brioche to your door or let you come pick up the goodies. The treats are also available through Farmhouse Delivery, and Dai Due uses Amity’s custom-baked bread every week at the farmers’ market. We advise you order immediately from one of Austin’s best-kept secrets.

And read about other artisans in Austin in our roundup that we published earlier this week. Coffee, kombucha, butcher shops and more!

1208 W. Fourth St.; 512-573-3503


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