5/23/2013 09:06:00 AM

Airlines Start to Limit Inflight Photos and Video

Image by Nemo's Great Uncle via Flickr
Video recording and picture taking? Increasingly not cleared for takeoff, according to a report by NPR. Many airlines, including United and American, limit photography and video recording to personal events only, prohibiting photography or filming of airline staff, other customers, aircraft equipment and procedures. Although the policies has been on the books, they're increasingly getting enforced. Case in point? The video that went viral last week of a woman being kicked off a flight singing Whitney Houston. In the background, you can hear staff instructing passengers to stop taking photos. And a travel blogger was recently removed from a United flight for camera usage. According to NPR, once the video has been shot or the pictures have been taken, airline employees do not have the right to demand that you delete or turn over the images/video. But they do have the right to expel you from a flight. Snap now and apologize later? Not if you want to make your connection.


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