5/20/2013 04:30:00 PM

Airline Flub Lands Passengers on the Wrong Continent

Photo by Doug Bull via Flickr
An LA couple got quite the inflight shock when they realized somewhere over the Middle East that their plane was headed for Dhaka, Bangladesh, not Dakar, Senegal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sandy Valdivieso and husband Triet Vo booked flights on Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul. However, the airline mistakenly use the airport code DAC for the Dhaka instead of the correct DKR when booking. The couple didn't realize the error until they were well on their way to Asia, 6,900 miles away from where they were supposed to be headed in Africa. "When the flight attendant said we were heading to Dhaka, we believed that this was how you pronounced 'Dakar' with a Turkish accent," Valdivieso said. Upon landing in Bangladesh, the airline spent nine hours sorting out the problem. Then they had to fly back to Istanbul and on to Senegal, where their bags arrived two days later. The couple wasn't charged for the additional flights, but it took them contacting the LA Times for the airline to offer additional compensation for the mistake (two roundtrip tickets to any of the airline's destinations).


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