5/07/2013 10:38:00 AM

8 Best Restaurants for Sidewalk Dining in the 14th Street N.W. Corridor

Late spring is ideal weather for dining alfresco, and we find ourselves counting down the minutes until we can post up on a lovely sidewalk, drink in hand, on a daily basis. We've pulled together our list of eight best restaurants for sidewalk dining in the 14th Street N.W. Corridor including a "super-creative" gastropub, a "skyrocketing" new "superstar" and a spot serving "terrific Thai classics." Tell us about your favorite sidewalk dining spots in the comments.


  1. Must this be a "slideshow"? Why?

    And if it must does it have be a crappy one that forces us to reload the page entirely with each click?

    Thanks but no.

  2. Huh? Pearl Dive has no sidewalk dining and Bar Pilar has two tables. How did you leave off Le Diplomate? Besides Drafting Table are there even any other restaurants on 14th that *have* sidewalk dining? The "8 Best Restaurants" list might be better characterized as the "8 Only" if you've decided to exclude Masa 14 and Policy.