5/03/2013 04:13:00 PM

7 Best Burritos Around DC

We're appreciative of the bevy of burrito joints in this town, offering us a chance to sate our frequent cravings for tortilla-wrapped beans and meat, gooey with melted cheese and injected with a little fiery salsa. As we continue our week-long celebration of Mexican restaurants, here are seven great DC spots for burritos. Have a different favorite? Tell us about it in the comments.


  1. How can you NOT have Pedro & Vinny's on this list???

  2. re: Pedro and Vinny's
    Yeah, they totally deserve to be on this list. But that would require some actual research.
    Also, the fact that Chipotle and Cal Tort are on this list is exactly why I don't use Zagat.

  3. that last one just looks awful. is that raw broccoli?

  4. I'm sorry, but Pedro and Vinny's is by far the best burrito I have ever had.. and to not see it on this list!??.. Zagat, you need to do your homework.