5/21/2013 11:30:00 AM

16 Must-Try Cocktail Destinations Around the U.S.

Madam Geneva, NYC
This week we're shouting out all things liquid with the results of our 2013 Mixology Survey. While we're on the topic, here's a list of 16 of the hottest joints for top-notch tipples around the U.S. - two from each of our blog cities. Pour yourself a drink while you scope them in the slide show, and let us know your local faves in the comments.

If you want to make a trendy cocktail at home, we visited one NYC bar to see how they make their signature smoky Negroni. Watch that here.


  1. Um did you forget about the city of New Orleans?

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  2. Where's Sable Bar and Grill in Chicago?

  3. Sable Bar and Grill is great, but not one of the must try in the nation. A must try if you live in Chicago. I'm surprised Whistler beat out Aviary for a mention. Violet Hour is the standard though. I'd put Aviary, Billy Sunday, Drumbar, Scofflaw, and a few others over Sable. I love the place, but it's not the best of Chicago.

  4. Check out Drink Deck destination guides for top bars offering one of a kind discounts http://thedrinkdeck.com

  5. I'm no connaisseur of inventive drinks with far out ingredients. For just one of the great drinks and great experiences in Boston, the bar at the Fairmont, Copley Square, is terrific. Best Martini I've ever had. I haven't tried their other drinks but having been there many times, I have the feeling that any classic cocktail you want will be made professionally and served wonderfully. It can get a little crowded from time to time but sitting at the bar makes you feel really special-like you're the millionaire the hotel was built for.

  6. Hmm. Seattle may have to get some more Zagat people out our way.

    Zig Zag

  7. shocked Green Russell didn't make the list.

  8. Not too shocked about Green Russel. It is far from the best cocktails or service in Denver

  9. "Two places from each of our blog cities" means you only visit eight cities. I think it's time to have someone in the Northwest.

  10. I was at Midnight Cowboy last night - phenomenal. Austin has some fine cocktail bars, and I look forward to trying more on this list.

    I do think that the author of this article should step away from the quotation marks for a while. Holy punctuation overkill, Batman.