5/07/2013 05:10:00 PM

10 Must-Try French Toasts Around LA

Everyone loves French toast - it's such a breakfast staple - and everyone has their favorites, whether it's IHOP or your local cafe. But sometimes French toast can be transforming, even when it's in the simplest presentations. Here are 10 to try around LA, from classic to haute. And don't forget to tell us your favorite French toast breakfast or brunch spot in the comments.


  1. Good round-up. So far, A.O.C.'s French toast is the only one I've tried that can compete with Canele, which is truly epic.

  2. Missing the BEST French toast in LA - Manhattan Beach Post!!!!

  3. Thanks, Food GPS! And about MB Post...I haven't had the pleasure yet. But known LeFevre's cooking, I'm sure it's amazing. Thank you for adding!!