5/01/2013 10:01:00 AM

10 Mexican Food Pet Peeves

"Inauthentic American junk"
We asked you to vote for your favorite Mexican food and drink in our just-released survey, but we also made sure to leave room for you to sound off about your taco- and margarita-related gripes. Bland sides, "goopy" grub and a certain fast-food mash-up all got multiple call outs. We gathered up the most repeated comments and present the top 10 most-mentioned pet peeves in the slide show below.

Spoiler alert: bad tequila cocktails were a commonly mentioned complaint. National chain Chipotle is trying to buck that trend with a new, made-to-order marg launching in stores this week. We got a behind-the scenes look at their test kitchen - check that out (and see if the drink is any good) in this video.


  1. I gave up on Mexican food years ago. It was filling and all tasted the same. I likened it to bad sex: it was never my idea in the first place; I didn't enjoy it; and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again.

  2. My Mexican food pet peeve is rice in a burrito. Beans are enough added ingredient, there's no need for rice.