4/15/2013 01:00:00 PM

You'll Need Tickets to Dine at Trois Mec, Opening This Week

Only Ludo was allowed to take photos: asparagus with brioche at Trois Mec
When we heard that Trois Mec would be unlike any restaurant in LA, it was an understatement. With Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo and Ludovic Lefebvre joining forces to open a small 24-seat restaurant, there was no doubt that reservations would be near impossible to get, with monthlong waits for an almost surreal menu. After all, Animal and Son of a Gun are still wildly popular, and Ludobites has been known to crash reservation websites. Turns out that the MasterCard preview dinners, where cardholders paid ahead of time to check out Lefebvre's menu over the last couple of weeks, is pretty much how everyone will get a seat at Trois Mec when it opens this Thursday: If you want to go, you'll have to pre-purchase an almost-$100 ticket for the privilege.

This type of pre-pay system isn't unheard of in the restaurant world. Grant Achatz's Next uses a ticketing system (for better or worse), as does Elizabeth in Chicago. A nonrefundable ticket ensures that diners will show up, and if they don't, the restaurant won't lose money from their absence. It's either that or public shaming. Krissy Lefebvre told the LA Times that they considered everything, from not taking reservations at all to putting a deposit on a credit card. "But people pay for tickets for entertainment. This just happens to be entertainment in the form of dinner," she says. The five-course dinner goes for $75 per person, plus 18% service charge and tax. Wine is extra.

According to the Times, to make a nonrefundable reservation for Trois Mec, you have to register on the website to purchase tickets, and registration begins tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16, at 10 AM. Ticket sales for the next two weeks begin Wednesday at 8 AM. After that, tickets will be released every two weeks, on Fridays at 8 AM. There are no refunds, but diners can sell their tickets and transfer them on the restaurant website. That means if you get a nasty flu all of a sudden, you can try to get rid of your seat, or else you're out of luck. And for you notorious tardy to the partiers: The show will always start without you, no matter how bad traffic is. Duly noted.


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