4/30/2013 03:20:00 PM

Who Are The World's Biggest Spenders On Travel?

Travelers are ready to start splashing out again, according to a new survey by Visa global, the International Business Times reports. For the first time in years, respondents in the 25 nations surveyed no longer list pricing as their prime travel concern, and the average global travel budget is up 5% over last year. Asian travelers are ready to spend big with Singaporeans, Thai and Hong Kong travelers planning to spend double what they spent on trips last year. However, they're still not the biggest travel spenders. That distinction goes to Saudi tourists, who reported spending an average of $6,666 per trip followed by Aussies at $4,118. So where are all these big spenders headed? Top destinations include the US, UK, France, China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Do you plan to increase your travel budget this year? And what's on your travel wishlist?

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